How It Works.

A digital platform that collects, validates and manages new construction data. Paperless forms are used to standardize data collection process throughout the enterprise and its subcontractors, verifying collected data is valid and complete. Sensor-based data collection process enable zero manual data entries, which increases data integrity. Pre-configured set of smart validations are prompted in real-time, preventing wrongful data collection to reduce risk

Real-time data visualization is available through a web tool, enabling projects’ progress tracking as well as QA\QC processes while work is still being carried out. Real time notifications are prompted once a collected entity doesn’t comply with a set of warnings and violations which are pre-defined by the company per its policies, designs and regulations. Once a project is complete it can be reviewed, approved and exported to the enterprise systems of record (GIS & Asset Management Systems) facilitating projects’ “closing packages” which eliminates backlogs and expedites capital projects ROI

In the Field.

iot & sensors

IoT technology enables field sensors (such as fusion machines, pressure sensors, high accuracy GPS receivers and barcode readers) to become smart and to automatically and remotely communicate with our system, eliminating paper-based processes and thereby, eliminating manual data entry errors.

high accuracy

Pioneering innovative methods that allow high accuracy GPS data (up to decimeter accuracy for x,y, and z coordinate) to be collected by construction crews with minimal training. To increase accuracy and reliability, real-time correction is available through a network of base stations.

field work validations

Collecting data is only first stage. Second stage, and no less important, is making sure that data is complete according to configuration and that it is validated against material properties, design information, Operators Qualifications (OQ) status and other critical requirements - all, before submitting a project for back office users to review.


Complete elimination of paper-based data collection processes by creating a unified data model that standardizes work practices throughout the company and its diverse contract crews, easily enabling companies to scale up.

Offline Functionality

Bring Your Own Device

Industry Driven Workflows

Smart Validations

High Accuracy 

IoT & Sensors

Back Office.

field work visualization

Automatically syncing the field data to the server enables real-time visibility in the back office of work progress as well as facilitates QA\QC processes through back office - field communication while work is still being carried out.

real-time validations

Smart validations are prompted throughout the data collection process in the field and on the web, making sure that the collected data is in compliance with pre-configured set of rules derived from the company's design, work processes and regulations.

Systems integration

Data integration is automated using restful APIs or replication methods, enabling auto-syncing and updates. Pre-construction, work orders information can be imported into our platform to facilitate projects creation and assignments. Post-construction, approved project data is exported into ERP, GIS & other systems of records.

"as built" reports

Reports can be generated to reflect assets installation ("as-built"), including drawings with assets location and geometry, reference points and dimension lines. The reports are highly configurable, in order to meet our clients needs.


Review & Approve Functionality 

From Design to Enterprise Systems

Expedited Projects Closing

Reports Generation 

Data Analytics

Real-time QA\QC 

Pre-configured KPIs

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