NortecView Cloud conforms to the highest security requirements and has been accepted for temporary and permanent data storage by critical infrastructure operators. NortecView services and database operate in an elastic self-scaling architecture to ensure reliability and availability in response to actual load. GovCloud for sensitive workload can be available upon demand.


Our team of experts help implement industry best practices for as-builting and materials traceability. We work with our clients to defined requirements, design workflows, develop company specific training plans and support deployments.


We offer a network of base stations to provide access to real-time correction sources to increase accuracy and reliability. This service is highly valuable especially in urban areas, where GPS accuracy is detrimented as a result of buildings obstructing satellites' line-of-sight. This approach provides significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to RTK annual subscription services & fees.


We offer an optional turnkey implementation services including hardware leasing, inventory support, data plans, mobile device management, technical support, 24\7 HelpDesk, contractor on-boarding and training.


Various hardware options are available to support a diverse range of specifications and pricing models for sales made directly to clients or their contractors. A capital leasing program that provides 24-hour replacements for damaged or outdated equipment is also available.

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